With their twelve years, five full lenght albums, numerous grants and awards and around 600 high octane shows worldwide, Afenginn is one of the heavy players in the European field of contemporary world/folk music.

They are continuously seeking new borders and projects to push the limits of their music and are highly active on the live scene with numerous tours in the past years.

Formed in Copenhagen in 2002. Afenginn means intoxication and strength. With high tempo, great joy and border seeking musical ideas Afenginn has built up a reputation of virtuosity and excellent live shows worldwide during the past ten years.

The group is inquisitive, playful and imaginative and takes an anarchic approach to traditional musical structures. Their compositions range from lyrical, picturesque and programme music-like pieces to jagged up-tempo numbers in odd time signatures, always with the special rhythmic and melodic finesse which characterises Afenginn. Their own term for the band’s musical style is “Bastard Ethno”.

Quotes about Afenginn:

“They’ve developed into a world class eccentric group. Take them for what they are, which is wonderful, and enjoy. Pure madness.”
Sing Out!: ******

“They’re shockingly good, with imaginations and technique that won’t quit. If there’s justice, they’ll be huge.”
fRoots: ******

“Original supershow! Afenginn delivered, and much more. Much much more.”
Gaffa (live review from Roskilde Festival): *****

Afenginn is:

  • Kim Rafael Nyberg, mandolin
  • Rasmus Krøyer, clarinets
  • Niels Skovmand, violin
  • Erik Olevik, bass & contrabass
  • Rune Kofoed, drums


Booking: Geheimagentur, Angela Teistler, 030 9700 2044
Label: Westpark Music,

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IKI – is boiling intuition and EXPLODING improvisation! An improvising vocal ensemble consisting of eight female vocalist from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, based in Copenhagen Denmark. IKI is a philosophy of being present and composing music on the spot. It is in an ongoing exploration of the human voice with its many facets and sounds.

Musically IKI takes influences from different genres such as modern jazz, classical compositions, pop, folk and avant-garde. The young women’s deep Nordic roots shine through every aspect of their music, and could be described as Björk meets CocoRosie and Arvo Pärt.

In 2011 IKI released their debut album for which they won a Danish Music Award Jazz (Grammy) as ‘Best Vocal Jazz Release of the Year’. A new album is now on the way, this time in collaboration with the Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson.

IKI has received great acknowledgement in the Nordic countries, they have appeared on national TV and radio and played numerous concert venues and festivals. The group works across different art forms, and collaborates with performers and artists in the fields of music, dance, theatre and film. IKI has interpreted music by Trentemøller, recorded with poet Jørgen Leth and the Japanese vocal artist Koichi Makigami among others.

IKI is a newborn baby, a naughty child, a mermaid and a wise old woman. Anything can happen!

Quotes about IKI:

“”They have with great courage created a truly original expression across the popular trends of today.”
Gaffa (DK)

“A Nordic vocal sensation, vocal improvisation unlike everything you’ve heard before.”
Dagsavisen (NO)

“Their show (…) unanimously scooped first prize for most original performance of the entire weekend.”
Drowned in Sound (UK)

“Be warned: this could change your way of thinking about music, because it stands for another philosophy of music.”
Nothing but Hope and Passion (DE)

IKI is:

  • Kamilla Kovacs (DK)
  • Anna Mose (DK)
  • Sofie Holm (DK)
  • Anna María Bjørnsdóttir (IS)
  • Mette Skou (DK)
  • Johanna Sulkunen (FIN)
  • Guro Tveitnes (NO)
  • Mia Marlen Berg (NO)

Visit | youtube | facebook

+ 45 23 41 59 03
+ 1 (215) 876 7931

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Live Foyn Friis

Live Foyn Friis is a band playing music of singer and composer Live Foyn Friis, indie-jazz with pop, rock and electronica elements. The band have played several concerts outside of Denmark. In 2013 they were on a tour in Germany and played totally sold out concerts.

Their debut album Joy Visible got nominated to Danish Music Awards 2012 for the Best Vocal Jazz Album of the year, and the singer Live Foyn Friis won the prize The Years Young Jazz Composer in Denmark 2012 and was named Denmark’s New Jazz Star!

She performed with DR Big Band, and has also performed with names like Bobby McFerrin, Jarle Bernhoft, North-Norwegian Symphony Orchestra, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Jesper Thilo, Nikolaj Hess. She has played concerts in Scandinavia, Europe, USA, and Brazil.

Quotes about Live Foyn Friis:

”One of the hottest names on the current Danish jazz scene with a recent Danish Music Award nomination and the title as Young Jazz Composer of the Year 2012.”
Kenneth Kristensen, Aarhus Musik Festival

“Irresistible! Live Foyn Friis is a great musician. As a jazz singer, she is simply phenomenal. In addition, her irresistible presence in each line of the text and her enormous charisma on stage.”
By Bernhard Hienerwadel, Altaposten

“An expression so strong and so musically that it was clear to all, that here is a female soloist with the world at her feet!”
Stardust – Wall of Fame – Jette Lykke

Live Foyn Friss is:

  • Live Foyn Friis, vocals & effects
  • Alex Jønsson, guitar & effects & choir
  • Jens Mikkel Madsen, double bass & choir
  • Andreas Skamby, drums

Visit |

+ 47 97123485
+ 45 50116361

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Teitur (Tie-tor), left his homeland, the remote, beautiful, wild and weather beaten Faroe Islands in the far North Atlantic as a teenager. He was convinced that if he wanted to follow his dream of making his own music he had to go somewhere with the access to the technology and musical professionalism that he felt wasn’t available at home.

Ten years after the release of his first album, Poetry & Aeroplanes he has come full circle returning both to home and his musical roots to record his sixth album Story Music. Those ten years and his experiences gave him the conviction that he had to make his next record on the Faroes, so April to July of last year saw Teitur recording in the brand new Studio Bloch in Torshavn, recently built by his long time sound engineer Jonas Bloch Danielsen in a 130 year old former ice factory. He had a collection of songs and compositions, with which he says he set out to challenge the conventions of pop songwriting.

For the special Danish Vibes Guest appearance at Mojo you will be able to enjoy Teitur performing solo with his guitar.


Label contact: Christian Ulf-Hansen
Arlo and Betty Recordings
Tel: + 44 (0)1442 842 851 Cell: + 44 (0) 7768 156 682

“So much of new pop music doesn’t have any social awareness. It’s like a sweet sugary snack that gives you a quick rush that is soon gone. I feel that the music we like defines who we are.”

Van Dyke Parks said: “Teitur’s music reminds me why I go nuts over island music. Winning Teitur’s trust isn’t just funny business–it’s an honor to orchestrate for such an accomplished composer. Teitur is, in fact, totally continental!”

Previous peer and critical praise for Teitur:
“Teitur is the sound of melting ice, haunted woods, and beautiful honesty.” KT Tunstall
“Music like this is jet fuel on the fire of a broken heart.” John Mayer
“…Never less than extraordinary.” ***** The Guardian
“… Sublimely gifted, Teitur brings the beauty and the blues that recall Guillemots, Josh Rouse and a heart pummeling Sufjan Stevens …” NME