Nanna Bech
Scandinavias most exciting new voice
Debut „I Could Kill You In A Thousand Ways“ oozes enigmatic folk noir

Her debutalbum „I Could Kill You In A Thousand Ways“ sees the Singer and Guitarist from Aarhus combining nordic melancholy and dark americana in such a unique way that the listener cannot shake the feeling that he´s about to witness the immediate rise of a new leading scandinavian voice. When Nanna Bech sings, even a shopping list would transform into an enigmatic folksong that sends shivers down your spine. Add her talent for creating melodies you´d follow everywhere as well as writing lyrcis you actually want to understand, it soon becomes obvious that somebody steps into the limelight here who clearly doesn´t follow beaten tracks but prefers to play completely on her own account.

To understand that Nanna Bech does not meet the usual songwriter stereotypes but instead loves to play with the perception of her listeners, you don´t need to look much further than her press photo: What at first glance seems to be some pet on her arm being stroked turns out to be a hunting rifle at closer look! The same analogy goes for the songs of her stunning debut album „I Could Kill You In A Thousand Ways“: Enchanting melodies walking hand in hand with morbid lyrics, lines sounding conciliatory at first all of a sudden turning into „Murder Ballads“. The sparse and mostly acoustic arrangements leave a lot of room for Bechs voice as well as the strong imagery of her storytelling and point out elegantly that sometimes a conscious reduction can emphase the greatness of a song as good as a high gloss production.

Live on stage, Bech and her band easily capture the special mood of her debut by immediately creating an intimate atmosphere bordering on conspiratorial through Bechs disarming honesty and her songs

It´s absolutely clear that Nanna Bech is a secret that scandinavia cannot keep to itself any longer!






Line Up:
Nanna Bech
Emma Axelsson
Katrine Thing Holm
Kristine Kier Jørgensen
Amanda Krog Nielse

2019. Nanna Bech. Never Quiet – Remix – single
2018. Nanna Bech. I Could Kill You In a Thousand Ways – album
2018. Nanna Bech. Lips – Live session
2018. Nanna Bech. Never Quiet – single
2018. Nanna Bech. Lips – single