Martin Fabricius Trio

Vibraphonist Martin Fabricius: Master of elegant Harmonies
New Album “Under The Same Sky” captivates with soothing soundscapes.

Since the foundation of his trio in 2007 Copenhagen Vibraphonist and composer Martin Fabricius enthuses with a laid back Sound Universe of catchy melodies and subtle improvisation. Each of his released albums received international acclaim in the music media and made him one of the most played jazz musician in Danish Radio. On his numerous tours around the globe, Martin Fabricius found out that his music effortlessly overcomes all kinds of borders and is affecting his audiences almost the same, no matter where he plays. This experience was the main inspiration to his new album “Under The Same Sky” that sees Fabricius opening up a new musical chapter.

The new record consists of nine compositions, that combine the very different tempers of each of the three instrumentalists to an exciting new overall work of art that contents typical characteristics of Scandinavian music: Each song starts elegantly restrained, leaving a lot of momentum for the listener to get accustomed to the particular mood to subsequently surprise with playful dynamics and complex rhythms. This way each piece reveals a new facet with each listen and always stays fresh – there is hardly any bigger compliment you can make for an instrumental jazz record! As the relaxed groove of vibraphone, bass and drums that emerges from Fabricius harmonic interplay with his two longstanding musical companions Andreas Markus (b) und Jacob Hatholt (dr) never lets up, each song is like a musical journey that welcomes each listener to lead them through graceful and also bizarre northern landscapes.

Fabricius compositions got ascribed healing powers as well as comparisons to sequences of a Fellini film. This is to little wonder if you consider the fact that the Berklee College of Music graduate, who studied under the wings of vibraphone legend Gary Burton to complete with a Summa Cum Laude degree in film composition, has his scores used in over 30 short- and animation films as well as silent movies.

Due to his self-developed modern playing techniques Fabricius is rated as one of today’s most important players of the vibraphone. With his unmistakeable feeling for subtle melodies it is guaranteed there are many more magic moments to expect from this outstanding musician!








Line Up:
Martin Fabricius : Vibraphone
Andreas Markus: Double Bass
Jacob Hatholt: Drums

Martin Fabricius Trio, Under the Same Sky – 2018 Berthold Records
Martin Fabricius Trio, Out of the White – 2017 Berthold Records
Martin Fabricius Trio, When Sharks Bite – 2008 Gateway Music